Top 5 Reasons Men Cheat

( That Everyone Should Know )

Women from all different walks of life have traveled to the edge of the earth to figure out why men cheat. They write books about it, they see counselors about it, they commit crimes because of it. Most will tell you it’s because their pigs, or that it’s in their nature, that they have commitment issues. The real truth is, there could be a million reasons why men cheat. Every relationship is different, and so is every man, so the reasons for being unfaithful are endless. With all of that being said, we were able to narrow the reasons men cheat down to five.

1. They want to avoid emotional intimacy and commitment.

These are for all of those Chandler Bing guys out there. The guys who get physically ill and break out in hives when they think about marriage. Intimacy scares them. They’re either too immature or too self-centered to be at the point in their lives that they can commit to anyone. Or, they’re honestly just vulnerable and are afraid of getting hurt. But, maybe they end up dating someone for one reason or another. Then, they cheat so that they can prove to themselves and the woman that this isn’t real commitment, that he doesn't care or need her that much. Make sense? No, but in their minds it does.

2. Their current relationship is lacking intimacy.

On the opposite hand, the man’s current relationship could be lacking intimacy. This can be physical or emotional. Maybe you guys are growing apart. You went through something rough and hadn't been able to reconnect since. This could be anything, like death in the family, a huge fight, or working long hours. For whatever reason, the intimacy in their current relationship isn’t cutting it. And instead of communicating about it, they ignore the problem, so the man goes elsewhere to fill the void.

3. Sometimes, it really is all about the sex.

In the beginning of relationships, the sex is new, fresh and exciting. But after some time, it can get comfortable. Some guys need that new and exciting feeling of sex again, so they go elsewhere to get it. And although it sounds hokey, sex addiction is a real life issue, and some men physically need to fool around with multiple people to feel satisfied. They simply want variety.

4. They want control and power in their relationship.

These guys are just straight up dicks. They have some insecurity issue, so they take it out on their relationship by being super controlling. Cheating is a form of emotional control because they know when they do it, their partner will be devastated. Also, cheating puts the ball in their court.

5. Some men just lack willpower.

Sounds like copping out to me, but some guys are just plain weak and can’t say no. Regardless of the good going on in their relationship at home, if the opportunity presents itself, they have a really hard time saying no. I dare any guy to use “I just couldn’t say no!” as his excuse to his partner and see what they say.