7 Jobs With the Highest Probability of Cheaters

There are two main theories about why cheating happens. Some people believe it is completely circumstantial and up to chance, while others think there’s ways of predicting who will cheat and who won’t. Do you believe that you can tell if someone will cheat solely because of their occupation? If you’re saying hell no, you’re wrong. Multiple studies have determined that there could be outside factors that make someone more likely to cheat, and one of those is their job. Below are the seven jobs that have the highest probability of cheaters.

1. Bartenders.

This is a pretty obvious one, and for good reasons. The life of a bartender could be compared to a nonstop party. You’re constantly surrounded by booze, good looking people, drunk people, and there’s always late nights. Also, everyone knows that a charming and friendly bartender gets more tips, so there’s bound to be some flirtation between them and customers. It is the easiest thing in the world for a bartender to get someone to go home with them. All of these factors make it more likely for a bartender to cheat rather than stay faithful.

2. Real Estate Agents.

This one is a little less obvious, huh? Well, not maybe. There have been reports that sat freelancers have higher divorce rates due to the lack of a structured schedule and instability. Real estate work also has a lack of a structured schedule and instability, so perhaps the same principles apply. Or maybe it has something to do with showing other couples their dream homes, or showing single people bachelor or bachelorette pads. Maybe it’s because you get more personally involved with clients since you’re literally in their homes. Whatever the case, if you’re partner is a real estate agent, you should be more aware of any strange behavior that could signal cheating.

3. Entertainers and celebrities.

This is another obvious one. How often do you hear about actors and musicians ending their relationships because of affairs? Nearly every week. But when you really stop and think about why, you can’t help but admit that it makes a lot of sense. Successful entertainers constantly have insane amounts of attention, people who obsess over them and would be willing to do anything to hook up with them, let alone marry them. These celebrities probably feel pretty confident and even full of themselves, and don’t want to settle for just one person, so they want to try them all. On a sadder note, celebrities have addictive tendencies that lead to drug problems, alcoholism, and depression. All of these issues can cause someone to have a serious commitment and emotional issues, which could also lead them to cheat.

4. Firemen.

It’s no surprise that firefighters have a higher divorce rate than most other careers. But, it is surprising that their divorce rate is three times higher than other professions. Stressful work conditions, long hours, and mentally draining and traumatizing experiences can make anyone grow apart emotionally from their partner. And unfortunately, emotional distance is one of the main reasons for cheating.

5. Lawyers.

Ah, who wouldn’t have thought that the masters of lies and deceit would be known cheaters? Well, no surprises here, lawyers are way more likely to cheat than other professionals. Lawyers are experts about stretching and manipulating the truth, so maybe since they feel like they can get away with cheating, they do it more.

6. Stay at Home Mom.

This might be the least surprising on the entire list. Though rewarding, being a stay at home mom is said to be one of the most thankless and draining jobs. You’re surrounded by baby spit up, dirty diapers, temper tantrums and housework all day long. You’re drained, you’re tired, and you just want some adult attention when your husband gets home. But, they’ve been out all day at their “real job” and are just as exhausted, so friction begins. Couples can grow resentful of each other, and the stay at home mom feels especially unappreciated and not valued. So, they turn elsewhere to get the attention they need and want.

7. Financial Industry Employees.

Can you guess the most likely people to cheat, based off their career? This answer might have surprised you. Men in the financial industry are proven to make a lot of money, be ego-centric, powerful, and are constantly traveling and working with others. Because of these reasons, it makes men in the financial industry more likely to cheat than any other profession.